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SAM Architects is a young firm of Architects based in Peckham working across London and Europe. Melanie and Sandi have been working in London since 2000 for various well known Architects such as David Chipperfield, Duggan Morris, Conran & Partners, AHMM and Grimshaw Architects and set up SAM in 2012.

The broad experience of each of the individuals and SAM Architects as a team benefits the projects hugely and give us the opportunity to draw on a lot of knowledge and different experiences.

The design solutions are uncomplicated, cost-effective, functional and innovative; rigorous research and good craftsmanship underpins our work. Our works ranges from commercial projects to small interior design project and furniture design and large scale developments in the UK and Europe.

Every Project brings new challenges and that’s what we love about our work. Our focus is on delivering unique projects that respond to their settings, are environmentally efficient and beautifully executed. We firmly believe that good design adds value.

We always work closely with our clients and consultants to efficiently deliver projects of the highest quality across a broad range of typologies and scale. We work enthusiastically, creatively and curiously, as we believe that this approach is essential to the development of great design solutions. At the same time, we believe that thorough analysis and a clearly defined approach are integral parts of a successful design.